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 Five Traits Make Rotary Dryer Much Outstanding

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PostTēma: Five Traits Make Rotary Dryer Much Outstanding    Five Traits Make Rotary Dryer Much Outstanding  Icon_minitimeOtrdiena Decembris 17, 2013 7:51 pm

Hongxing Machinery rotary dryer is mainly used in the fields of building materials, mineral processing, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. Rotary dryer can be used to dry materials with specified moisture and size. Hongxing Machinery has been engaging in mining machinery over 50 years, as the leading mining machinery manufacturer, the experts will introduce features of rotary dryer.

1. Wide adaptability. Rotary dryer can use all inferior fuel, such as coal gangue, coal, inferior anthracite, bituminous coal, flue dust and furnace slag, etc.

2. High combustion efficiency, balanced temperature. Combustion efficiency is up to 95%, temperature can be freely adjusted between 800 degree centigrade and 800 degree centigrade, and Steady heating, guarantees the improvement of drying capacity and quality.

3. Pollutant emissions are very little. Full Burning, nitrogen and sculpture emissions meet the national standard requirements.

4. Make full use of ash slag. Furnace slag without high temperature calcined process, which has high activity, with low sulfur and carbon content, they can be used to make cement clinker or used to refine silica, etc.

5. Little labor intensity. Good working conditions realize production automation and safe and civilized production.

Steam heat exchanger is a steam to heat the water heating device, with steam as a heat source for heating water equipment is divided into two categories: direct heating equipment -direct mixing of steam and water, the water is heated, indirect heating device -steam and water as two independent systems, through the metal surfaces from high-grade to low-grade heat conduction.

High-pressure steam from the intake manifolds into the heat pipe, the exhaust pipe outside the cold air after heat exchange through the condensate trap in the exhaust pipe into the return pipe.

Then the rotary drum dryer steam heat exchanger how to use and maintain:

1.The intake manifold and radiator return pipe should be the same size as fitting into the backwater (2inch pipe)

2.Before passing into the steam, you should open the outfall valve, condensate pipeline will be drained, and then close the discharge valve, open return valve inlet tube and pass into the vapor. Drum preheat ten minutes and cold, to avoid sudden steam into the heat exchanger and the cold lead into a large number of condensed water or ice and other impact phenomena.

3. The radiator when not in use, the water should be left exhausted, in order to avoid freezing in winter Splitting finned tubes.

4. Always check the radiator, plumbing for leaks, water leakage, if the situation should be promptly treated.

5. Inside the hydrophobic filter should be cleaned regularly.

6. Stove after one year, you should replace all the furnace refractory lining.

dry mining equipment: http://www.china-crusher.com/sawdust-dryer.html
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Five Traits Make Rotary Dryer Much Outstanding
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