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 The importance about quality of casting production

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The importance about quality of casting production Empty
PostTēma: The importance about quality of casting production   The importance about quality of casting production Icon_minitimeTrešdiena Novembris 06, 2013 9:45 pm

Casting quality mechanical product performance has a great influence. For example, the casting manufacturers wear resistance and dimensional stability, to maintain the accuracy directly affects the life of the machine; various pump impeller, the housing and the hydraulic cavity dimensions, profile accuracy and surface roughness, a direct impact on the pump and hydraulic system efficiency, energy consumption and cavitation development; engine block, cylinder heads, cylinder liner, piston rings, exhaust pipes and other castings strength and resistance to spalling resistance, a direct impact on the working life of the engine.

Cast steel products in the market survey that allows casting enterprises in arranging pre-production, a full understanding of the casting consumer market. Such as investment castings demand, requirements types, requirements vendor, product requirements and other information. In a lot of information, the casting production companies can choose their own and the consumer market wide areas of production; if there is no suitable, enterprises have enough time to production adjustment, the production needs of the market casting products, so as to effectively prevent the casting capacity surplus.

Many factors affect the quality of the casting, the first is the design process of casting. Design, in addition to depending on operating conditions and metal casting material properties to determine the geometry, size, it must also cast alloy and casting process from the point of view characteristic design is reasonable, that is the obvious size effect and solidification shrinkage , stress so as to avoid or reduce segregation castings, deformation, cracking and other defects. Second to have a reasonable casting process. That are based on casting structure, weight and size, cast alloy properties and production conditions, select the appropriate sub-surface and shape, making the core method, a reasonable set casting bars, cold iron, riser and gating system. In order to ensure access to quality castings. Third, the quality of the raw materials used in casting. Metal charge, refractories, fuel, flux, modifier and foundry sand, sand binder, paint and other materials, sub-standard quality, will make casting blowholes, pinholes, slag, sticky sand and other defects, affecting the appearance quality castings and internal quality, serious cause casting scrap. The fourth is the process operation, reasonable process to develop rules to enhance the skill level of workers, so that technical rules are correctly implemented.

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The importance about quality of casting production
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