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 Comparing the required precision casting with traditional casting

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Comparing the required precision casting with traditional casting Empty
PostTēma: Comparing the required precision casting with traditional casting   Comparing the required precision casting with traditional casting Icon_minitimeTrešdiena Novembris 06, 2013 8:34 pm

After adequate dry thickness, together with temperature, so that internal melting wax off, get in line the cavity with the required precision casting blank is compared with the traditional casting process in terms of a casting method can be relatively accurately shape and high casting made the production of precision casting process: first, to make the necessary rough electrode, second electrode corruption model specific, forming the third cavity, with casting wax casting method to obtain the original model in wax on wax Brush layers of sand on the high temperature of the liquid material and finally cast in the mold cavity in molten iron, the shell removed after curing can be finished with high precision.

The so-called investment steel casting process, it simply is to use fusible material can melt model, in its coated with some special fire-resistant coating layer, after drying and hardening after the formation of a whole shell, and then steam or hot water from the Shell in the melting of the model, then Place the shell in the sand box, fill in the surrounding dry sand molding, and finally cast into the roaster in the high temperature roasting, shell mold or by calcination in which pouring molten metal and get casting.

High dimensional accuracy of castings, generally up to CT4-6, of course, the process as the process of casting complex factors that affect the size precision casting more materials such as mold shrinkage, melting mode of deformation, and shell in the heat amount of cooling change the course of the line alloy solidification shrinkage and deformation of the casting process, so the size of ordinary investment castings precision are higher, but still need to improve their consistency.

Another casting method of the advantages is that it can cast a variety of complex alloy casting, in particular, can be made into high-temperature alloy castings. Such as jet engine blades, its sleek profile and cooling outside the cavity, with the machining process is almost impossible to form into. With the production of investment casting process can be done not only to mass production, ensures consistency of the casting and machining to avoid the knife after the pattern of residual stress concentration.

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Comparing the required precision casting with traditional casting
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